Back to School Pocket Placemat

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Set the table for excitement as your child heads back to school with our signature Pocket Placemat. Beautifully designed, high quality, and personalized with your star student in mind, each placemat is constructed by hand to be sturdy yet soft.

The pocket opens at the top so you can slip in a note, treat, or small toy to boost your child's enthusiasm and confidence for their day. The apple design makes it ideal for the first day, week, month of school or as long as you want to use it!

Choose between one of four color combos we curated for the most adorable looks:
  • Blue Swiss Dot: Blue Swiss Dot Placemat, Blue Seersucker Apple
  • Pink Swiss Dot: Pink Swiss Dot Placemat, Pink Seersucker Apple
  • Blue Windowpane: Blue Windowpane Placemat, Red Tiny Dot Apple
  • Pink Windowpane: Pink Windowpane Placemat, Pink Tiny Dot Apple

Add on a set of Pocket Placemat Affirmation Cards. Designed to coordinate and fit in the pocket with an affirmation on front and space for your own note on the back!

Thread Color Combos We Love
Having trouble deciding what thread colors you want? Here are our recommendations of which colors look best with each style!

  • For Blue Swiss Dot:
    • To coordinate: Medium Blue, Spring Green
    • To contrast: Red, Navy Blue
  • For Pink Swiss Dot:
    • To coordinate: Medium Pink, Spring Green
    • To contrast: Medium Blue
  • For Blue Windowpane: 
    • To coordinate: Medium Blue, Red
    • To contrast: Navy Blue, Spring Green
  • For Pink Windowpane:
    • To coordinate: Medium Pink, Light Pink
    • To contrast: Spring Green, Medium Blue
Add Placemat Cards
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