Birthday Bunny

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Our Birthday Bunnies encapsulate the joy and tenderness of your baby’s arrival. Soft and huggable, they’re a perfect first stuffy for your child, and they’re made extra special embroidered with your baby’s name and birthdate.

We designed our birthday bunnies to be a keepsake, but it’s in the walls of your home and in your baby’s tiny hands that they become truly meaningful. 

Each bunny comes with a mini birthday card with a sweet greeting for your child from their birthday bunny.

Product Details

  • Bunnies have long, buttery soft floppy ears, hand-embroidered faces, pink cheeks, and fluffy tails making them oh-so-lovable
  • Choose your bunny size and color
  • Bunnies are embroidered with child's name on one ear and the numerals of their birthdate on the other
  • Each bunny comes with a mini birthday card

Bunny pictured with embroidery and card is the 8" blue bunny.

Color and Size
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