Merry Christmas Pillow in Little Blue Check

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Add the sweet and classic charm of our Little Blue Check to your Christmas decor with our limited quantity Merry Christmas pillows. Designed by our team for an extra element of festivity, we hope you enjoy the warmth and delight this pillow brings to Christmas year after year!

Pillow front and trim are in our exclusive Little Blue Check, and the back is finished in a crisp, white linen. Each pillow has a monochromatic Merry Christmas greeting embroidered, and you can choose between piping or a ruffle finish on the 12x18 lumbar size or small 12x12 square size.

Product Details

  • Exclusive Little Blue Check front and trim
  • Merry Christmas greeting embroidered in monochromatic thread
  • Available with a ruffle or linen
  • Available in 12x18 lumbar or 12x12 square
  • Envelope opening in back in crisp, white linen
  • Insert included
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