Seconds Sale Easter Basket Liners

Seconds Sale Easter Basket Liners

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What is a Seconds Sale?

This is a collection of items that are still worth having, but do not meet our quality standards for selling at full price. Wondering what that means? We've outlined the details of why these items quality for the "seconds sale" below!


  • Collection of Easter Basket Liners which were made out of misprinted fabric. It's a quality linen and cotton blend, but it's a warm white instead of our usual crisp white.
  • The Spring Bunnies liners have the print facing the right side up on the interior of the basket, but it folds over the basket and turns upside down. 
  • Our liners are made to fit the Ballard Designs Easter Basket and the Pottery Barn Kids Sabrina Basket in Small and Large
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